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Video: TDD with Chef, DSC, and Pester on Windows

Last week, guest speaker Robb Schiefer presented a session on “TDD with Chef, DSC, and Pester on Windows” for our July 2017 Mississippi PowerShell User Group Meeting. Configuration management is currently all the rage in the DevOps space right now but few are investing in the quality of their configuration code like they do with application code. Yet, all the same benefits apply resulting in a faster feedback loop and ultimately cost/time savings. In this session we will cover how to develop Read more [...]

Video: Working with Plaster (a PowerShell Scaffolding Module)

Last week, guest speaker David Christian presented a session on "Working with Plaster" for our June 2017 Mississippi PowerShell User Group Meeting. This video covers Plaster, a PowerShell scaffolding module. During the presentation, David demonstrates the basic usage of Plaster, examines the structure of a Plaster manifest and creates a custom Plaster template for a module and a function. The video from that presentation is now available. David is an IT professional Read more [...]

Video: Release Pipeline Patterns with PowerShell

Last Tuesday, guest speaker Aaron Jensen presented a session on “Release Pipeline Patterns with PowerShell” for our September 2016 user group meeting. Release Pipeline patterns help you deliver higher quality code more often. And it isn’t just for applications delivered to your external customers. Even tiny PowerShell modules and tools can benefit from adopting a release pipeline pattern. I’ll discuss several different forms of release pipelines I use at WebMD Health Services and in my Read more [...]

Video: Creating fully patched WIM for fun and profit

Last Tuesday, guest speaker David Jones presented a session on "Creating fully patched WIM for fun and profit" for our August 2016 user group meeting. One frequent issue with testing or small environment production is the deployment of a clean windows image. If your deploying strait from ISO you looking at hours of patching, If your reusing a VHD, you may not know all the changes that have happened. Also trying to add .NET 3.5 to a patched system with limited internet access is close to impossible. Read more [...]

Video: Pester the Tester PowerShell Bugs Beware

Last Tuesday, guest speaker and Microsoft MVP Robert Cain presented a session on “Pester the Tester: PowerShell Bugs Beware!” for our June 2016 user group meeting. Pester is a friendly testing framework designed for testing your PowerShell scripts and modules. In this session you’ll be introduced to Pester. You’ll see how to use Pester to uncover bugs, as well as using it for test driven development. Make your own PowerShell more robust through the use of Pester. Kill those PowerShell Read more [...]

Video: Acceptance Testing PowerShell Desired State Configuration with Test-Kitchen

Last Tuesday, guest speaker and Microsoft MVP Steven Murawski presented a session on "Acceptance Testing DSC with Test-Kitchen" for our May 2016 user group meeting. DSC is awesome, but only if the resources and configurations do what you want them to do.  How do you know? If you are relying on DSC to tell you when it didn’t do the right thing, you are in for a world of hurt. Configuration management is the world of “trust but verify” and Test-Kitchen gives you a common framework for Read more [...]

Video: Teaching the IT Pro how to Dev with the PowerShell ISE, Git, Pester & OneDrive

Last Tuesday, guest speaker Ryan Yates presented an intro session for our user group on "Teaching the IT Pro how to Dev with the PowerShell ISE, Git, Pester & OneDrive". With the amount of additional technologies needed to optimise the efficency of writing PowerShell this can seem very overwelming to someone new to PowerShell and could even put them completely off following an efficency optimised script creation workflow. So in this session I will be Demoing a way of working that can help Read more [...]

Video: Using Regular Expressions with PowerShell

Last Tuesday, guest speaker Timothy Warner presented a session for our user group on "Pattern Match Like a Pro: Using Regular Expressions with Windows PowerShell". Many Windows systems administrators are intimidated with regular expressions due to its seemingly strange, “Unixy” syntax. Take heart! By the end of this session, you’ll finally understand how to perform simple and advanced text filtering with RegEx, specifically by leveragine PowerShell’s -match operator and Select-String Read more [...]