Welcome to the Mississippi PowerShell User Group!

I attempted to start a user group a few years ago and found that there just wasn’t enough interest in the local area and that the people who did have an interest in this state (Mississippi) were generally too far apart for it to be feasible to have physical meetings. Since then I’ve been attending online user group meetings from the Arizona PowerShell User Group, the UK PowerShell Group, and I even recently joined the Florida PowerShell User Group as a speaker. How can I be a member of the Florida PowerShell User Group? It’s virtual, that means I can be anywhere.

This brings up the question, why not start a Mississippi PowerShell User Group that’s a virtual user group unless we get to the point where we have enough people in one area to have physical meetings? We’re using Microsoft Lync via Office 365 for the Florida PowerShell User Group and will probably use either that or something similar for this user group. Interested in joining or supporting the Mississippi PowerShell User Group? Leave a comment and we will follow-up with you or send an email to mspsug at GMail.


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