Our Second Mississippi PowerShell User Group Test Meeting

Last night’s test meeting went very well. We continued testing the capabilities of Lync, and Mike went over some of the presentation he is planning to give at our first meeting next Tuesday, March 12th at 8:30pm CST. I’m really looking forward to his presentation on parsing event logs, especially since I don’t really use the event log cmdlets as often as I should. Mike was able to show me several awesome features, and I’m sure I’ll see more during the full presentation.

We have one more test meeting next Monday before the first official meeting. If anyone wants to join in and meet us before the first official meeting, please send an e-mail to mspsug at GMail. The last two have been very informal, and we pretty much just show each other different scripts we’ve been working on.

If we don’t see you on Monday, we hope to see you on Tuesday night. Don’t forget that we have two free ebook copies of the PowerShell Deep Dives book to give away at that meeting. The book is written by several incredibly talented PowerShell gurus, including our own Mike Robbins. Also, be sure to check out our amazing speaker line up. Mike did a wonderful job lining up guest speakers through the end of the year.

See you in a week!

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