The Mississippi PowerShell User Group September 2014 Meeting in Review

You might be wondering where the Mississippi PowerShell User Group has been as of lately? Well, we’re still here. We experienced some issues with the renewal of our Office 365 account and since we use the Lync online portion of that account to hold our meetings online, we just held a private meeting last month (in September) due to that issue.

During that meeting, which was informal, Rohn Edwards and me (Mike F Robbins) talked about Desired State Configuration. Rohn has been working on “Managing Access Control with Desired State Configuration“. We also discussed creating Desired State Configuration Resources which I had recently started working with and have since blogged about: “Creating a Custom DSC Resource to Configure Jumbo Frames on Network Cards“. A couple of things that Rohn mentioned about creating DSC resources that are worth noting are: (1) Restart the WMI Service if you’re making changes and don’t see those changes being reflected. (2) Depending on the logic of the Get-TargetResource and Set-TargetResouce functions, you might be able to call the Test-TargetResource function from those two to determine the state of the current configuration instead of writing the same code multiple times. I had also heard something similar where you might want to move that redundant code out of those three functions altogether and have them call a fourth function that is totally independent of those three.

Although we still don’t have the issues with our Office 365 account resolved as of yet, we do plan to meet this Tuesday, October 14th at 8:30pm CST for our official October meeting. If at all possible, that meeting will be held online and I recommend following us on twitter as the notification for it may be last minute.


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