Video from the January 2015 MSPSUG Meeting: DSC in Practice

Last Tuesday, Matt Gohmann presented a session on Desired State Configuration in Practice for the January 2015 Mississippi PowerShell User Group meeting. The video from that awesome presentation is now available:

Matt Gohmann, Deployment Analyst at Netgain Technology, a Healthcare Cloud provider reviews the components of DSC. Then shares how they’ve used it in production to automate provisioning client environments. Closing with lessons learned from authoring 20+ custom resources, additional use cases and how to write your own configurations and resources easily.

Matt provided us with the following information and resources:

Learn more about Desired State Configuration

Get in touch with Matt on Twitter @IT_Matt

For Private Cloud EMR hosting visit Netgain Technology

The code examples that Matt was able to share can be downloaded here.

Additional resources that are mentioned during the presentation and/or meeting:

Use a certificate with PowerShell DSC to add a server to Active Directory without hard coding a password

#PSTip Create your own DSC resource snippets in PowerShell ISE

Creating a Custom DSC Resource to Configure Jumbo Frames on Network Cards

The Mississippi PowerShell User Group Meetings are held online (via Microsoft Lync) on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:30pm Central Time and are free to attend. The system requirements to attend these online meetings can be found on the MSPSUG website under the “Attendee Info” section.


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