Video: Using Regular Expressions with PowerShell

Last Tuesday, guest speaker Timothy Warner presented a session for our user group on “Pattern Match Like a Pro: Using Regular Expressions with Windows PowerShell”.

Many Windows systems administrators are intimidated with regular expressions due to its seemingly strange, “Unixy” syntax. Take heart! By the end of this session, you’ll finally understand how to perform simple and advanced text filtering with RegEx, specifically by leveragine PowerShell’s -match operator and Select-String cmdlet.

The video from that presentation is now available:


The code examples and slide deck that Tim provided can be downloaded from here.

Timothy Warner is an IT professional and technical trainer based in Nashville, TN. A computer enthusiast who authored his first BASIC program in 1981 on the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III, Tim has worked in nearly every facet of IT, from systems administration and software architecture to technical writing and training. Tim currently trains full-time for Pluralsight and can be reached via LinkedIn.

The Mississippi PowerShell User Group Meetings are held online (via Skype for Business) on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:30pm Central Time and are free to attend. The system requirements to attend these online meetings can be found on the MSPSUG website under the “Attendee Info” section.


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  1. Excellent Tutorial , Thanks for taking time to teach this. I had a feeling Reg EX is very difficult until i saw your video . Now i have an idea how to use them . I will start use them now. Thanks again for the community to put to gether great video tutorials. 🙂

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