Video: Creating fully patched WIM for fun and profit

Last Tuesday, guest speaker David Jones presented a session on “Creating fully patched WIM for fun and profit” for our August 2016 user group meeting.

One frequent issue with testing or small environment production is the deployment of a clean windows image. If your deploying strait from ISO you looking at hours of patching, If your reusing a VHD, you may not know all the changes that have happened. Also trying to add .NET 3.5 to a patched system with limited internet access is close to impossible. A WIM that already has 3.5 and all the same patches is required. We will look at the module WindowsImageTools and how to use it to create fully patched WIM and VHD. One minimal to save on size and one fully loaded to use as a source.

The video from that presentation is now available:


David Jones is a 20 year veteran in IT and has been working with command line since DOS 2.0, and  PowerShell off and on since the release of Exchange 2007. But really dived in when DSC was announced.

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