MSPSUG February 2019 Virtual Meeting: PowerShell + SQL Server = Better Together

For our February 2019 Mississippi PowerShell User Group virtual meeting, Mike F. Robbins will be presenting “PowerShell + SQL Server = Better Together” on Tuesday, February 12th at 8:30pm central time.

As a SQL Server professional, are you able to make a rhyme or reason to this thing called PowerShell? Need to accomplish something? Do you use Windows PowerShell or PowerShell Core? How will you interface with PowerShell? With the PowerShell console, the PowerShell ISE, VSCode, SAPIEN PowerShell Studio, or something else? Will you use Cmdlets from one of the various SQL related PowerShell modules? If so, which one? SQLPS, SQLServer, DBATools, etc. Or maybe you should use the SQL PS provider? What about SQL DMO? Or maybe you should just write your own custom .NET code that can be executed with PowerShell? With it being so difficult to determine how to go about running something in PowerShell, it’s no wonder that most people resort to searching the Internet to figure out how to accomplish something. The sad thing is that most of the PowerShell code you’ll find on the Internet is less than optimal to say the least. During this session, Mike F. Robbins will clarify and demonstrate how and when to use different approaches along with adhering to the community’s best practices for writing PowerShell code.

Mike F. Robbins is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP for Windows PowerShell. He is the creator of The PowerShell Conference Book, author of PowerShell 101: The No-Nonsense Beginner’s Guide to PowerShell, co-author of Windows PowerShell TFM 4th Edition, and a contributing author of a chapter in the PowerShell Deep Dives book. Mike is also the leader and co-founder of the Mississippi PowerShell User Group. He blogs at and can be found on twitter @mikefrobbins.

The Mississippi PowerShell User Group Meetings are typically held online (via Skype for Business) on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:30pm Central Time and are free to attend.

The system requirements to attend these online meetings can be found on the MSPSUG website under the “Attendee Info” section.

Register via EventBrite to receive the URL for this meeting. Don’t want to register? No problem. Simply follow us on Twitter and we’ll tweet the direct URL for the meeting shortly before it begins.


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