The End of a Chapter and the Beginning of Another for the Mississippi PowerShell User Group

Rohn Edwards and I  (Mike F. Robbins) started the Mississippi PowerShell User Group back in February of 2013. I’ve led this user group since then and have recently decided to look for a successor due to calendar creep. David Lamb who has been helping to run the user group has volunteered to take on that role.

David Lamb is a Systems Administrator managing Windows servers and clients since 1995, spending a large portion of his career in the aviation industry. His first certification was the MCSE on Windows NT 4.0, earned in 2001. David lives in Alberta, Canada, and is currently spending his free time learning PowerShell, blogging, and pursuing the MCSE certification on Windows Server.

It’s with great honor that I pass the role of Leader of the Mississippi PowerShell User Group on to David. He will have full control of the future of MSPSUG from today forward and I will be assisting him through the end of the year as needed to ensure a smooth transition.


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