Open Discussion Meetings Starting in August 2020

For the longest time, the Mississippi PowerShell User Group has run on a fairly consistent meeting cadence of one meeting per month. This has worked well, but we feel that there we can do more to support the PowerShell community. This is why, starting in August 2020, we will be adding an open discussion meeting that will occur on the fourth Tuesday of each month, at 7:30pm Mountain time.

The reason for this change is based on an observed trend. Generally, we only get a few minutes before and after the meeting to discuss other PowerShell topics with the group. While we’re happy to keep the meeting going as long as the discussion is lively, it does tend to extend the meeting length. This can be an issue for some attendees, depending on their time zone. So, after some thinking, and a quick Twitter poll, the decision was reached to add a second meeting just for discussions.

The format for these meetings will be a little more relaxed, as we won’t have a formal presentation planned. Just show up and discuss PowerShell. If you want to do a quick 5-10 minute demo of something, feel free. We’ll see how this goes, and if changes need to be made we’ll adjust the on the fly.

As with the formal meetings, you’ll be able to register for these meetings via EventBrite, or just watch for the direct link to be tweeted out about 30 minutes prior to the meeting.

The Mississippi PowerShell User Group Meetings are typically held online (via BlueJeans) on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7:30 pm Mountain Time and are free to attend.

The system requirements to attend these online meetings can be found on the MSPSUG website under the “Attendee Info” section.

Register via EventBrite to receive the URL for this meeting. Don’t want to register? No problem. Simply follow us on Twitter and we’ll tweet the direct URL for the meeting shortly before it begins.

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    1. For purely selfish reasons, we are using the time zone that I live in. Going forward we’ll be adding a link to easily convert time zones for everyone.

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