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Video From the November 2013 MSPSUG Meeting

Microsoft Premier Field Engineer Matthew Reynolds presented a presentation this month at our November 2013 user group meeting on writing PowerShell Scripts that Scale. This is really an awesome presentation. He starts out by talking (audio only) for about 5 and a half minutes out of the hour long presentation to kind of give you an introduction. I really like the way Matthew not only tells you that designing your script a certain way in specific scenarios will perform better or worse but also Read more [...]

Microsoft PFE Matthew Reynolds Speaking for MSPSUG on Tuesday, November 12th at 8:30pm CST

Matthew Reynolds who is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer will be speaking at the official November meeting for the Mississippi PowerShell User Group on Tuesday, November 12th at 8:30pm Central Time. He will be presenting on: "Write scripts that scale. Using a few simple patterns you can ensure that your scripts survive at enterprise, cloud, and big data scales." Matthew works for Microsoft. His mission is to help enterprises deliver fast, fluid, instant-on Windows experiences to their users Read more [...]

Mississippi PowerShell User Group Weekly Meeting Last Night – March 26th

The Mississippi PowerShell User Group has an official meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:30pm Central Time where we have a specific agenda and try to bring in an awesome speaker to present for us. Here's our lineup of awesome speakers for 2013. Want to use PowerShell to determine when our official monthly user group meetings are? Our user group meetings are on the same day as patch Tuesday and Richard Siddaway has a PowerShell script for determining when Patch Tuesday is so it can Read more [...]